Song of the North Country is a beautifully written and erudite book that provides endless new insights into the work of one of America’s foremost poets and performers.”

“David Pichaske has been a favorite academic writer of mine since the publication of his anthology Beowulf to Beatles: Approaches to Poetry, and his article, ‘Freshman Comp.: What Is This Shit?’ . . .  Buy this book.”—Darryl Hattenhauer, Journal of Popular Culture









Author, Professor, Photographer

David Pichaske is Professor of English at Southwest Minnesota State University. He is editor-publisher of Spoon River Poetry Press and Ellis Press, and the author of many articles and books of his own, including collections of poetry, travel books, literary criticism, and works related to Midwest literature and themes. Pichaske has, since the dawn of the sixties, found himself absorbed in rock music, with a particular interest in Bob Dylan, resulting in books like Beowulf to Beatles: Approaches to Poetry, The Poetry of Rock, and A Generation in Motion.

Pichaske's latest work, Song of the North Country, is now available. "This is a remarkably fresh piece of Dylan scholarship, focusing on the profound impact that his Midwestern roots have had on his songs, politics, and prophetic character. In the 1966 "Playboy" interview, Dylan said, 'I'm North Dakota-Minnesota-Midwestern...I speak that way. I'm from someplace called Iron Range. My brains and feelings have come from there'." (